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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fixing the size of a Window

Tall Windows: To visually lower the window place a piece of furniture under the window to bring the eye down. If you opt to place a piece of furniture under the window, use a fitted window treatment such as shutters, shades, or blinds to avoid entanglements with curtains and drapes.

Short Windows: To make windows appear larger or elongated, install a row of fixed shutters beneath or above the window and operable shutters on the actual window panes.
Enjoy your space, Rena

Remove Clutter When Selling a House

After the curb appeal test has been passed and a prospective buyer crosses the threshold they decide if they like the house within the first 8 seconds! First impressions are lasting! Pay special attention to the foyer. Make it warm and welcoming instead of a drop off place for shoes, mail, and keys. In addition, clutter must be banished from every area of the house. Buyers are looking for square footage. Clutter is the number one culprit that conceals valuable real estate.

When selling, it is imperative that a house appear as large as it possibly can. If there are boxes or extraneous furniture in the house, a buyer cannot see what's for sale. Most buyers lack imagination and can't visualize what the home would look like if it were not overrun with clutter. Remember to help the buyer see what is for sale by removing the clutter. Enjoy your space, ReDecorating by Rena

Make a Large Room Cozy

Large rooms can be a good dilemma to have. To make a large room more cozy and inviting, consider establishing a seating group that is anchored by at least 1 chair, a table and lamp. Adding area rugs are also helpful in defining areas in a large space. Just remember to take a step back and make sure there is enough room left for an unobstructed traffic pattern. Enjoy your space, ReDecorating by Rena

Monday, February 22, 2010

Grouping Collectibles

Displaying bric-a-brac or collectibles is one of the easiest ways to add personality to a space. More good news is that the items don't even need to be related to each other in terms of size, shape, color, or purpose. What makes groupings work well is arranging them in odd numbers. Try it!
Enjoy your space, ReDecorating by Rena

Friday, February 19, 2010

Painting Ceilings

Go ahead and paint what design professionals call the "5th wall". Why not? Painting the ceiling can make a room cozy and intimate if a warm hue is used or open the space and make it seem larger if a cool color is used. Also, painting the ceiling the correct value of whatever color you choose can give the entire space a nice glow. So, go for it! Just remember to use a flat finish to hide the imperfections typically found in ceilings. Enjoy your space, ReDecorating by Rena