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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fixing the size of a Window

Tall Windows: To visually lower the window place a piece of furniture under the window to bring the eye down. If you opt to place a piece of furniture under the window, use a fitted window treatment such as shutters, shades, or blinds to avoid entanglements with curtains and drapes.

Short Windows: To make windows appear larger or elongated, install a row of fixed shutters beneath or above the window and operable shutters on the actual window panes.
Enjoy your space, Rena


jocelyn said...

Thank you for this tip. Where do I get window treatment for a very long
window. The stores do not have the length that I need.

Rena Bullard said...

Hi Joc: You can purchase window treatments for a very long window (usually more than 84 inches) from just about all stores. However, you will need to ask that they order them in the lenth you need. Often you can pick out the treatment you like in a "shorter version" and ask that it be ordered to your specifications. I hope that helps. Let me know. Enjoy your space, Rena