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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Space Queries

What if my space is too large?:

1. Use a paint that is warm or has a dark value (shade).
2. Designate as many seat groupings as you can while still allowing for easy traffic flow.
3. Provide intimacy with lamps.

What if my space is too small?:

1. Use a paint that is cool like blue.
2. Avoid over-scaled furniture or too many pieces.
3. Strategically place mirrors to double your space.
4. Avoid heavy curtains to allow natural lighting.
5. Use overhead lighting.
6. Use appropriately scaled furniture in the space.

What if my space is too narrow?:

1. Paint the space with a horizontal stripe to trick the eye.

What if my space is too long?:

1. Paint the furthest wall a dark hue.

Enjoy your space, Rena

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Curb Appeal Helps Sell Houses

Eye catching curb appeal is critical because buyers need to want to see the interior. At a bare minimum, the flowerbeds need to be freshened, grass mowed, and the walk-way swept. Make sure the little things that are no longer noticed by a seller, but will scream deferred maintenance to a prospective buyer, are addressed. The cracks in the sidewalk must be repaired before they start chipping away at the asking price. It is amazing how much money a prospective buyer deducts from the asking price because of minor imperfections.

Another reason curb appeal is so important is because realtors typically tell buyers to drive by houses to see if they like the outside before proceeding to make an appointment to show the inside. Realtors know how important curb appeal is to buyers.

Remember, if a buyer doesn’t like the outside of the house, chances are they won’t want to see the inside.
Enjoy your space, Rena
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